Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.
Founded 2016

Donor Names - 2018

George Morgan RPI Class of 1958
Robert Burbank RPI Class of 1961
Peter TartikoffRPI Class of 1963
Bill Scheib RPI Class of 1967
Francis Polom RPI Class of 1981
Gregg Gellman RPI Class of 1991
Steven Champion RPI Class of 1993
Jim George RPI Class of 1996
John Kapnisakis RPI Class of 1996
Wyatt Nordstrom RPI Class of 1998
Andrew King RPI Class of 1999
Jason Barrett RPI Class of 2000
Craig Martin RPI Class of 2006
Chris Jankun RPI Class of 2009
Ben Rule RPI Class of 2010
Jordan Allen RPI Class of 2012
Philip BryantRPI Class of 2012
Nate Nardino RPI Class of 2012
Shaun Peterson RPI Class of 2012
Andrew Haslam RPI Class of 2014
Dave Slaw RPI Class of 2014
John Conover RPI Class of 2016
Nate Strelser RPI Class of 2019
Brandon Herrada RPI Class of 2020
Christian Stromberg Unknown

Organization Milestones In 2018...

1. The organization funded its first project at the chapter house; replacement of the third deck floor. Demolition of the old floor, and installation of the new floor, were completed in January 2018.

2. The organization released a newsletter in 1Q of 2018.

3. The organization held a lunch event with the organizations Board of Directors; Lunch with the Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc. at the Ruck in Troy, NY.

4. Dave Slaw resigned from the organizations Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting held on December 8th, 2018.

5. Joe Templin and Carson Hynes were elected onto the organizations Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting held on December 8th, 2018.

6. The organizations leadership changed following elections held during the Board of Directors meeting on December 8th, 2018:

The position of President was transitioned from Dave Slaw to Joe Templin. 

The position of Vice President was transitioned from Scott Carpman to Craig Martin. 

And the position of Secretary was transitioned from Craig Martin to Scott Carpman.

7. We're working hard to make more milestones happen...