Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.
Founded 2016

Please use the Contact Us (Online Form) to contact us via the website:

Or, feel free to contact us by email or mail.

Address: 49 2nd Street, Troy, NY 12180 (Attn: Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.)

Tax-deductible charitable donations are accepted by mail, or online via the Online Square Marketplace. Donors who wish to claim their tax-deductible charitable donation shall receive a donation acknowledgement letter upon request.

(Disclaimer: Donations cannot be claimed as a tax deductions until the Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc. has received a definitive ruling from the IRS as an exempt organization; application pending. We will notify donors once a definitive ruling has been made by the IRS, & will distribute donation acknowledgement letters at that time. Donations made prior to the definitive ruling by the IRS will be able to be retroactively claimed as tax deductions after the definitive ruling is made.)

If you are an alumnus, please also assist us by updating the contact information that we have on file for you: