Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.
Founded 2016


Name: Joe Templin, CAP, CLU, ChFC

Current Location: Ballston Spa, NY

Years Attended RPI: 1990 – 1997

Pledge Class: Fall 1990

House Positions Held: PUSH, Social, Summer ROHT, Vice Archon, Alumni Sec

Degree: B.S. Physics, B.S. Communications

Occupation: Author and Consultant

Hobbies: Tae Kwon Do, Ragnar Relays
Vice President

Name: Scott Carpman

Current Location: New York, NY

Years Attended RPI: 2009 - 2012

Pledge Class: Fall Fall 2009

House Positions Held: Philanthropy Chairman, Assistant Rush Chairman, Assistant Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Chaplain

Degree: B.S. Economics, Minor Finance

Occupation: Data Manager

Hobbies: Traveling, Urban Exploration, Fantasy Sports, Board Gaming


Name: Wyatt Nordstrom

Current Location: San Fransisco, CA

Years Attended RPI: 1994 - 1998

Pledge Class: Fall 1994

House Positions Held: Chaplain

Degree: B.S. Materials Engineering

Occupation: Entrepeneur

Hobbies: Rowing

Name: George Dalakos

Current Location: Niskayuna, NY 

Years Attended RPI: 1989 – 1994

Pledge Class: Fall 1989

House Positions Held: Social

Degree: B.S. Chemical Engineering

Occupation: Engineer

Hobbies: Rowing, Baseball


Name: Ken Banker 

Current Location: Ballston Spa, NY 

Years Attended RPI: 1982 - 1986
Pledge Class: Fall 1982 

House Positions Held: Warden, Historian 

Degree: B.S. Chemical Engineering
Occupation: Process Engineer 

Hobbies: Baseball, Golf


Name: Nicholas Steele 

Current Location: Ann Arbor, MI 

Years Attended RPI: 2008 - 2012 

Pledge Class: Fall 2008

House Positions Held: Warden

Degree: B.S. Game Simulation Arts & Sciences 
& B.S. Cognitive Science

Occupation: R&D Engineer

Hobbies: Gaming

Name: Craig Martin

Current Location: Guilderland, NY

Years Attended RPI: 2004 - 2006

Pledge Class: Fall 2004

House Positions Held: Social

Degree: B.S. Economics, Minor Finance

Occupation: Finance/Banking

Hobbies: Anything Outdoors, Hockey

Name: Robert LaForge 

Current Location: Saratoga Springs, NY 

Years Attended RPI: 2008 - 2012 

Pledge Class: Fall 2008 

House Positions Held: Steward, Royal Order of House Management, Historian 

Degree: B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Occupation: Equipment Engineer 

Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Board Games, Fishing


Current Location:
Years Attended RPI:

Pledge Class: 

House Positions Held: