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The Ballroom

The Ballroom is located just off of the Foyer, towards the rear of the home. It is also located adjacent to the Moorish room & back stairwell.

The Ballroom was styled after Italian architecture. Adorning the walls are slabs of Italian Marble. The ceiling is lined with gold leaf. Carved into the molding atop the walls are some of John Paine's favorite culinary dishes.

There is a balcony that hovers over the Ballroom, carved out of mahogany. This balcony was used by musicians to entertain the Paine family & guests while dining & during parties. The balcony was modeled after a loft in a Spanish Byzantine Church.

There are a number of stained glass windows located in the balcony. Additionally, there is a fireplace & sitting area directly below the balcony.

The original dining set, including the dining table & chairs, have been preserved.