Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.
Founded 2016

3rd Deck Flooring Replacement


The Board of Directors of the Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc. has approved funding for the replacement of the flooring on the 3rd Deck of the John Paine Mansion.

The existing tile flooring has aged, and is in poor condition. It is also believed that the existing sub-floor on the 3rd Deck has also been compromised by infiltration of liquids; such as from routine mopping of the floor.

The existing tile on the 3rd Deck will be removed, the sub-floor will be repaired, & new luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring will be installed. LVT is a durable flooring material available in a variety of patterns. The LVT that will be installed will have a wood grain pattern that closely matches the woodwork throughout the house. It will also be commercial grade product, & will have a 40 mil wear layer. By installing such a heavy duty product, we anticipate that the next flooring replacement on the 3rd Deck will not be necessary for another 15-20 years.