Castle Alpha Tau Foundation, Inc.
Founded 2016

Donor Names - 2017

Gordon Wright RPI Class of 1958
Peter Tartikoff RPI Class of 1963
Stephen GraysonRPI Class of 1977
 Ken Banker RPI Class of 1986
 Neil Manning RPI Class of 1992
 Jon Varney RPI Class of 1995
 Wyatt Nordstrom RPI Class of 1998
 Kyle Braun Attended RPI 2005 - 2007
 Jordan Allen RPI Class of 2012
 Phil Bryant RPI Class of 2012
 Scott CarpmanRPI Class of 2012
 Bob LaForge RPI Class of 2012
 Nate Nardino RPI Class of 2012
 Shaun Peterson RPI Class of 2012
 Simon Strauss RPI Class of 2012
 Thomas Matthews Attended RPI 2009 - 2011
 Jordan Snyder RPI Class of 2013
 Andrew Haslam RPI Class of 2014
 Dave Slaw RPI Class of 2014
 Nicholas Pachulski RPI Class of 2014
 John Conover RPI Class of 2016
 Mason Gentner RPI Class of 2017
 Jay Shaker RPI Class of 2017
 Lucas Volle RPI Class of 2017
 Tim Bacza RPI Class of 2018
 Vikram Shah RPI Class of 2018
 Adam Morgan RPI Class of 2019
 David Tamir RPI Class of 2019
 Max Carey RPI Class of 2020
 Andrew Gaudet RPI Class of 2020
 Brandon Herrada RPI Class of 2020
 Mark Richard Unknown

Organization Milestones In 2017...

1. The organization designed & unveiled its website;

2. The organization received a definitive ruling from the IRS, deeming the organization a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; effective date of exemption of May 31st, 2016.

3. The organization released its first newsletter; in 1Q 2017.

4. The organization applied for, & received, an Exempt Organization Certificate (ST-119) from New York State; exempting the organization from payment of New York State local and sales tax on certain purchases.

5. The organization held its first event; a Golf Outing & Luncheon at Brunswick Greens Golf Course in Troy, NY.

6. The organization received its first project application; for proposed replacement of the floor on the second and/or third decks of the chapter house.

7. The organization approved its first project; replacement of the third deck floor of the chapter house.

8. The organization held its first event on alumni weekend; a cocktail hour type event at the chapter house.

9. The organization started accepting recurring monthly donations via PayPal.

10. Ken Banker was elected onto the organizations Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting held on December 10th, 2016.