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Founded 2016

The Foyer

The foyer is located just inside of the front entrance way to the John Paine Mansion. The architect of the house was T.F. Schneider. John Paine was an established attorney & financial advisor; money was of no concern. The facade of the house, made up of rough-cut Indiana limestone & granite front steps, lead to the Foyer.

The foyer is adjacent to many of the first floor rooms, in addition to the front stairwell. John Paine was a world traveler, & tried to incorporate elements of those travels into the rooms of his home.

The foyer features magnificent & intricate woodwork; including but not limited to the doorways, details, molding, paneling, & stairwell. There is also a fireplace located adjacent to the front doorway.

The front stairwell railings are made of mahogany, & the stairs are made of cherry wood. Carved into the front stairwell railing, in the foyer, is the Paine family crest. Additionally, a stained glass Tiffany Window can be seen from the front stairwell in the Foyer; appraised for a value of over one million dollars.